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How to Put an End to Pointless
[and expensive] Rewards

Everyone knows the power of positive reinforcement. So, you stock up on Fitbits, yoga mats, Amazon gift cards, branded water bottles, and other enticing prizes. All so you can get at least some of your employees to take part in a weight loss challenge or complete a safety goal. But after the initiative is over and the rewards fulfilled, everyone seems to go back to their old ways. You know that to see any long-term impact, you’ve got to make wellness and safety the everyday norm rather than an annual holiday. But prizes aren’t cheap. And it’s hard to keep everyone positively reinforced when you’ve already breezed through your budget in the first couple months of the year.

With GoPivot, there are no pointless rewards. We take a different approach that’s based on PivotPoints – because if you really want to give people a reason to change, you give them a way to earn points (just like credit cards and airlines do). But only for the kinds of actions that create results. That’s what PivotPoints are all about.

6 Ways PivotPoints Can Make Your Rewards Program a Smashing Success

  1. Make rewards more appealing and instant – by letting employees choose from over 5 million options at the YourChoice online rewards mall, ranging from merchandise, e-gift cards, travel and event tickets, or HSA deposit dollars.
  2. Tie points to behaviors that actually drive results and align with changing company goals, not just health assessments that don’t produce change.
  3. Make goals more achievable by encouraging peer and family support.
  4. Get more return on your investment. For example, $100 gets you 10,000 points worth of engagement, not just a one-time reward.
  5. Build long-term lifestyle changes by keeping your workforce continually engaged to earn their next reward.
  6. Leverage a single platform for all of your behavioral, incentive and total reward needs, not just wellness and safety. Employees are more likely to participate in multiple behavioral change programs and activities if they have one place to log-in.

With PivotPoints, you can finally give everyone a reason to change and drive long-term employee behavior change. To learn more or see a demo, contact us.

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