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How to Stop Engagement Erosion in Your Employee Incentive Program

So, your program is suffering from engagement erosion. Don’t panic. Here’s how to stop it.

No matter how strong your employee wellness or safety program content is – you’re still going to face the problem of engagement erosion. That’s because all the personalized exercise content or OSHA training materials in the world are no match for broken promises. And broken promises are the primary killers of stellar engagement.

Here’s what typically happens: A thousand people sign up on Day 1, then the numbers steadily drop until you’re down to one CrossFit star and one ultramarathoner diligently updating their activity in your program’s app. It’s not your fault – you’re working hard to keep the challenges fresh and the incentives enticing. But you’re still fighting against the laws of dwindling engagement. So how do you overcome it?

We’ at GoPivot have figured out the formula to make sure engagement erosion is a thing of the past. That’s because we combine personalized all-star safety and wellness content with behavior-changing rewards points – all on one platform. So, you not only keep people engaged over time but actually motivate them to do more for their health and safety as time goes on.

When battling engagement erosion, make sure your program vendor has these tools [or similar tools]

in its toolbox:

  • Keep everyone motivated with points they collect throughout the year to spend on their choice of rewards from an online mall.
  • Make sure employees can redeem their points for a blend of physical or electronic rewards to drive satisfaction with reward offerings. From physical merchandise to e-gift cards, pre-paid cards, event and travel tickets, premium differentials, HSA deposits, and charitable contributions to name a few. “Something for everyone” should be the theme to keep employees both satisfied and engaged since we are all motivated by different factors.
  • Drive organizational initiatives beyond just physical health – like financial health, safety, and even sales targets – using the proven consumerism points-based approach
  • Only pay for results – with GoPivot, that means you pay just a penny per point your people earn. So, if they aren’t staying engaged, you aren’t paying.

At GoPivot, we take engagement erosion seriously. Contact us to finally beat engagement erosion and give everyone a reason to change.

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