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NOW EVERY employee HAS A REASON TO be engaged

A motivated and connected workforce is an empowered workforce.  Our platform has the communication tools employers need to rally their workforce behind a shared company mission.  Transform your company culture by booking a demo today. 

GoPivot’s centralized communications tools connect your workforce, support your frontline workers, and recognize top performers to boost engagement and productivity.

Lower employee turnover occurs in businesses with effective communication
Of Americans say employee communication is key to developing trust with their employers

One place for employee communication and engagement

  • A centralized, seamless communication platform to reach employees with regular updates or urgent alerts
  • In the office or in the field, inform and align your workforce with relevant organization-wide communications that reach everyone or targeted groups
  • On the app or in their inbox, in the office or in the field, deliver important updates whenever, wherever and to whomever you need

Celebrate achievements, recognize colleagues, and foster engagement

  • Boost employee motivation and morale by sharing achievements
  • Recognize employees for a job well done with fun e-cards and rewards
  • Announce company events, town halls, training sessions, etc. and collect RSVPs.

Promote corporate wellness and safety initiatives

Drive positive, lasting behavior change with challenges

Recognize employees on the go with points, photos, custom or library e-cards, and shout-outs

Send to GoPivot Inbox, via push-through on device, or in company email

Program Management
GoPivot is an extension of your team. Launch and grow your program quickly and thoughtfully with dedicated Program Managers at your side every step of the way.
Analytics and Reporting
Continuously track and improve your employee recognition program with clear, compelling, real-time data.