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Elevating Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace: Introducing SMILE™

Last year GoPivot introduced one of the initiatives we are most proud of to date.  Created and led by Clinical Psychologist and Certified Telemental Health Counseling Specialist, Dr. Lenore Doster, our proprietary SMILE™ Emotional Wellbeing Assessment is available to all our clients and their employees on our mobile-first platform.  Not intended to be a diagnostic tool, the SMILE™ Survey was designed to check in with employees on a regular basis and assign them a score based on a select group of fundamental emotional wellbeing categories.  Based on their score, employees are then given valuable resources to encourage and motivate them to take control of their mental health and strive for a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling routine.  Employee scores are always confidential and protected under HIPAA guidelines.

As a preview, Dr. Doster created this 1 Week Smile A Lot pamphlet as a guide to help you check in on your mental health now!


For more on how to add SMILE™ to your current Wellness or Safety Program, please contact your dedicated Program Manager.
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