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Good Intentions vs. Broken Promises

There’s an all too familiar villain in our midst, one that is causing a rise in employer healthcare costs, time off of work, and OSHA incidents, while also causing a reduction in employee performance and productivity.

Meet broken promises – the not-so-silent killer and arch nemesis of good intentions.

Everyone starts with good intentions – “I’ll start exercising on Monday” … “I’ll wear my steel-toed boots tomorrow.” But it seems like no matter what you do to motivate your people, you still end up with a lot of broken promises.

Broken promises stand in the way of employee behavior change and make it nearly impossible for companies to achieve the goals they have set out for their safety, health, and wellness programs.

Hub International’s 2018 Employee Benefits Barometer found that successful wellness initiatives can provide a morale boost. 51% of respondents said that improved employee morale was the biggest benefit of newly implemented wellness programs, followed by employee stress reduction and employee productivity at 32%.

The study also found that managing benefit costs remains employers’ top benefit priority, with 66% of respondents ranking it as a key 2018 concern. However, while two-thirds of respondents say one of their 2018 goals is to better manage health benefits costs, 49% do not plan to implement any new cost management programs in the next 12 to 18 months. What’s more, 54% believe they have done all they can reasonably do to control rising medical costs.

So, what’s with all the broken promises and acceptance of failing at cost reduction initiatives?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret…GOOD INTENTIONS AREN’T REASON ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE TO CHANGE…That’s why you end up with broken promises.

People only have sufficient reason to change when they have doable action steps tailored to their specific goals, the right rewards for actions taken, and visible support from the community around them.

No one wants something bad to happen to them (health issues, injuries, etc.), but not everyone is motivated by the usual warnings, policies, and reminders – so we at GoPivot are giving everyone a reason to change.

And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. We’ve eliminated pointless rewards, misfit solutions, and wasted dollars.

  • Employees: Now you’ve got a reason – including the motivation, incentives, and a personalized plan – to change certain behaviors.
  • Employers: Now you’ve got a reason to change your approach to health, wellness, and safety because there’s a program that actually works – attracting higher levels of engagement and leading to real behavioral change. And you only pay for performance (no PEPM) with us.
  • Brokers: Now you’ve got a reason to have a new conversation with prospects and clients about their approach to employee health, wellness, and safety.

To learn more about the GoPivot solution or see a live demo, contact us.

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