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A Message from our CEO, Don Doster: We’re Here for You

At GoPivot, our goal is to “Give Everyone a Reason to Change.” We help employers drive long-term behavioral changes among their employees to make them healthier, happier, and more productive.

And while we spend our waking hours devoted to making our clients and employees healthier, safer, and more resilient, we couldn’t have anticipated how a disruption like COVID-19 would change everything. How we work. How we shop. How we interact. It’s all in flux. In this paradigm, change has been thrust upon us. And, although we didn’t welcome it, we’re looking at is as an opportunity to serve our clients, our partners, and our communities.  In short, we’re here to help you, to continue to give your employees “a Reason to Change,” and support you through this time of uncertainty.

Looking back on my 25 years in the business, I must admit, I’ve seen a lot.  Just in my lifetime the world has seen war, space exploration, economic crises, and huge advances in technology, and you’d think being middle aged, I’d finally be wise enough to tackle what life throws at me.  But the truth is, it was a learning curve then, and it still is!  In times of instability, people need leadership.  It’s what gets us through unprecedented moments like these. 

Of course, the real leaders here are the health-care workers and essential employees who have sprang into action, putting their own lives at risk and their family lives secondary, providing care and service at all hours of the day – not all heroes wear capes.  Businesses big and small are taking a huge hit as they try to navigate this trying time. As a leader, trying my best to stay positive in unfamiliar territory, I’d like to continue to keep what’s important at the forefront, and set an example for those around me.

There are a few principles I’m working hard to embody for my employees.

1. Be Authentic.  Don’t try to be someone that you are not.   Show emotion and be transparent with everyone, being detached only causes apprehension and resentment from those depending on you.

2. Confront the Situation.   Don’t act like it is business as usual because it isn’t.   We need to confront the situation head on and come up with solutions.

3. Adjust.  Recognize that there is a learning curve.  You aren’t expected to have all the answers.  Roll with the punches and be open to trying new things until you find one that works

4. Collaborate.  Involve your entire team in solving problems.  Empower them by showing you value their feedback and ideas.  If you’re going to succeed, it needs to be a team effort.

5. Support.  Everyone’s reactions to the situation will be different – validate and listen to all of them. Be reassuring – we will get through this!

How can we support you?

As a team, we’ve pivoted our communications and priorities to make sure we’re offering you the best resources and features possible.  We’ve built a new COVID-19 resource portal and

New ‘nudge’/push-through notifcation feature
We’e launched a new alert feature in our mobile application that allows employers to further utilize GoPivot as a tool to encourage engagement and communication in a time when many employees are in a new, remote work setting. It can also be leveraged as additional communication tool for employers to share vital, time-sensitive information with their workforce.

COVID-19 Resource Portal
We’ve built out a new information hub that includes resources and pointers that employers and their workforce can use to stay well in the new, work from home paradigm including nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness content. We are also hosting our Pivot Pop-Up live webinar series and other interactive digital content for our clients and followers on our social media channels.

We’re here for you – write us an email, give us a call – let us know what you need to be successful in the weeks and months to come!