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Why Employee Recognition Matters

Humans have a fundamental need to be appreciated.  According to psychology today, when we’re shown gratitude, we feel valued, recognized, well-liked, connected, and it deepens our sense of meaning.  Naturally, our need to feel appreciated goes hand in hand with our performance in the workplace.

When employees feel valued in their jobs, they are more productive and motivated to continue doing good work.  Gallup studies show that recognition not only boosts individual employee engagement and productivity but also inspires loyalty to the company, leading to higher retention.

In today’s landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is a necessity.  2020 has been a year of adaptability for many companies big and small.  In the scramble to adopt new flexible workspaces, better employee perks and benefits, and positive company culture, organizations may be overlooking the simplest strategy to implement right now – employee recognition.

Here are 5 easy ways to recognize your employees:

eCards – whether it be a work anniversary, birthday, project completion, or just because, sending a personal greeting can be pretty significant to an individual.  GoPivot’s new eCards allow employers, managers, and peers to recognize one another and show gratitude.   Link rewards and recognition page.

Verbal Praise and Compliments – verbal praise, while perhaps the oldest and simplest form of recognition, is a surefire way to highlight a staff member’s valuable contribution.

Individual and Team Milestone Awards – milestone and project achievement awards boost morale and help reinvigorate team effort.

Service Awards – employees like recognition for their loyalty.  Whether it’s 3, 5, or 10 years, service awards should increase in value applicable to the time an employee has put into the company.

Bonuses – whether on the spot or annual, recognition in the form of bonuses are given when a valuable contribution has been made by an employee.  Both are incredibly effective and should be specific.

While recognition and rewards will vary from organization to organization, the overarching sentiment is that the most effective method is specific, immediate, and consistent, building rapport and trust between employers and employees.  How best to meaningfully show appreciation and with what reward, is up to each employer.