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What You Need to Know About a Leading Sonic Boom Alternative

Sonic Boom Wellness, Inc. is a health technology company that offers programs with an emphasis on corporate wellness. Their program focuses mainly on social engagement in daily wellness activities. They provide an integrated health-habit-improvement platform.

GoPivot is a leading alternative to Sonic Boom Wellness. GoPivot offers a comprehensive but flexible, employee experience program. We’re aware that for many workers, a wellness plan becomes stale quickly. That’s why we go out of our way, with a unique rewards-based system, to encourage and enthuse all plan participants. We build our programs based on input from customers, so you can expect an ideal custom solution.

Why We’re an Ideal Alternative to Sonic Boom Wellness

Our philosophy is to provide an inspiring wellness program for employees that generates a healthy ROI for the company. Our rewards-based system is fun and affirmative. Employees will want to be a part of your program because of the encouragement they receive on their path.

Our company philosophy takes into account the need for companies to get a decent ROI. No one wants to pay money for an underperforming program, and we know that. Our system eliminates the unloved elements of rival programs, leaving you with energized participants.

Retain Control of Your Brand

We also offer a white labeling option for companies that want to brand their app. Your brand is your image with the public and employees. We think you should be able to control it as needed.

If your company loves the control over messaging and brand, this feature is ideal. Our team can help implement a branded solution that engages your employees and results in a safer, fitter and more motivated workforce.

The Best Workplaces Have Top Wellness Programs

Gain a competitive edge with a leading employee experience program. Your competitors are using every trick in the book to recruit top talent. One way to accomplish that is by showing both current employees and prospective workers how much you care about their health, well-being and safety. At the core, all wellness programs are suitable for companies because they’re about improving health and wellness.

That’s excellent for the company because they’re able to perform better with few costs. For the workers themselves, they receive the benefit of a caring work environment and better health. That’s a win-win situation that’s bound to please everyone. Keeping everyone happy will improve your workplace reputation and attract more talent.

Start with the Best Objectives in Mind

You probably already have a few well-defined objectives in place for employee experience. GoPivot can work with you to put together a wellness plan that everyone will want to use. Rewards are powerful because people are hard-wired to enjoy bonuses.

It’s much easier to “train” someone to do something when they know they’re getting something out of the experience. The value of that training will reveal itself as the years pass. Fewer health-related complaints and accidents will tell the tale.

If you’re looking to reduce OSHA-related incidents or to increase participation for employees on a wellness journey, rewards are the way forward. You’ll notice a big bump in enrollment when you implement our system, as well as continued engagement.

The best way to discover if GoPivot is an adequate Sonic Wellness Boom alternative is to request a demo. That way, you can test-drive the system and get answers to your questions.

Try a Sonic Boom Wellness Alternative

We’re very confident that the benefits we offer that vary from our competitors make us the proper choice for companies who want sustainable wellness programs.

Our state of the art code runs on a world-class cloud hosting environment. We have a cloud-based backend that allows administrators to manage their solution quickly.

We stay light years ahead of our competitors because of our point system. It bundles the types of rewards that employees love with a gamified system. Since it’s fun, more people use it! That means they gain the benefits of being in the program, and so does the enterprise. Get ready to blast through any limits with a program that will push your team to their fullest potential. Give them every chance to succeed and they will respond with increased productivity. That formula works every time with a proven employee experience management solution that is a perfect alternative to Sonic Boom Wellness.