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Synching Up for Success:
Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of the GoPivot App

At GoPivot, we’ve designed our mobile-first wellness and safety solution to
empower users to make long-term, healthy changes for total wellness.

With the GoPivot program, you will:
Create customized nutrition and exercise plans
Participate in challenges with colleagues
Earn points that you can spend in the Your Choice Rewards Mall
How can you make the most out of your new wellness journey with GoPivot? Once you’ve registered for an account, follow the steps below to get started!

Start tracking your activity! Sync your preferred activity tracker by tapping on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of your app and selecting, ‘Connect Tracker’. GoPivot syncs seamlessly with all major devices including Apple Health, FitBit, Garmin, and Google Fit. Follow the easy instructions to add your activity tracker and automate your steps activity.

If you don’t have an activity tracker you can use a health app on your smartphone, such as Apple Health Kit or GoogleFit. As long as you carry your phone with you, it will count your steps and activity!

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Build a custom exercise plan that meets you where you are and guides you on a path to better fitness. Start by selecting your preferences with our easily exercise plan builder to help create a personalized exercise plan just for you!

Take a FitIn and receive your own FitScore! A FitScore is a fitness measurement rating that evaluates you on a variety of exercises and compares you to others of the same age and gender in America. The FitScore is designed specifically to offer every participant an ongoing goal.

Want to try something new? Browse the exercise programs where you will find a variety of workout videos ranging from a beginner to an advanced level.


Build a recommended recipe plan derived from your wellness goals, allergies, preferred cuisines, desired weight, and exercise plan.

Your Calorie Goal below is specific to you and based on a number of factors including your current activity level and the exercise goal you specified in the Exercise Preferences of your profile. Your calories and macronutrients are only 60% of your total recommended amounts, taking into account that side items and healthy snacks will make up the remaining 40%.

Selecting fewer cuisines will reduce the number of recipes available to create your meal plan.


Check out the designated point-earning activities that can be completed throughout the year. Activities are grouped based on the frequency and type of activity. (For example: There are activities that you can complete every day or only once a year.)

Join your co-workers in a company-wide challenge to help your organization reach its health and wellness goals. Log your results and see how you stack up against your colleagues by tracking progress on the Leaderboard.

Make sure you complete all of your Quick Point Activities so that you’re set up to earn maximum points fast.


Choose your own rewards from the most comprehensive shopping mall boasting millions of merchandise choices and hundreds of gift card options, or save your points to redeem for a larger reward such as a weekend getaway or sporting event. The options are endless!