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LET'S DO LUNCH, ON US! Boost your company’s health and wellness over lunch. LET'S DO LUNCH, ON US! Boost your company’s health and wellness over lunch.
Food for thought

With healthcare costs rising, it’s harder than ever to manage a successful wellness program. But, we can show you how over lunch, and that’s on GoPivot!

Get a free analysis of your program from an expert with 20 years in sales, marketing and comprehensive care, AND A FREE $20 Seamless Gift Card to pay for your lunch.

Learn about the foundations of a high-performing wellness program:

  • Leadership + stakeholder buy-in
  • Budget/resources
  • Technology
  • Communications
  • Roadmap/goals/effectiveness measurements
Mark Russo
Mark Russo
Vice President of Sales + Marketing
Mark has almost 20 years in sales, managing relationships and overall operations of comprehensive care management and wellness strategies delivered to large health plans and employers. Additionally, Mark has worked within Fortune 500 organizations developing, deploying and managing global health and wellness programs. He is responsible for driving strategic direction and assuring that product solutions are delivered, exceeding expectations.  Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY. Mark has a special dedication to fitness and exercise personally as it has become part of his DNA. Mark is located in our Raleigh, NC Office.
Our industry has long needed a disruptor in how we perceive and accept engagement in wellness programming.