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It’s understandable. You are amongst 40% of your peers who feel the same way!

It’s important to know what “engagement” means with your service partner. Log-ins are not engagement. Swipes are not engagement. The true definition of this measure is activity completion (biometrics, challenge completions, age and gender-based exams) AND, where education is provided, it’s knowledge retention (quizzes and scores).

  • If your “engagement” is somewhere near 10-20% of your population, you are in the average bucket. It’s unfortunate, but that kind of performance has become acceptable among many traditional vendors. It’s also wasteful – you pay for 100% engagement in your monthly billings to lose 80% of your population to non-starting or lack of awareness.
  • Ask for comparisons of your outcomes to like-sized and like-industry clients in your partner’s book of business. It’s hard to read comparisons on the internet or even trade organizations as some vendors will create definitions to inflate outcomes.
  • Be diligent about asking peers about their programming, or take to social media (LinkedIn) to poll Groups of like-minded professionals.
GoPivot’s Performance Guarantee is ENGAGEMENT. It’s 100% Pay for Performance.

A recent study by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association published that 40% of employers want to stay current on trends of disruptive wellness technologies. Want to learn how GoPivot can help?

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