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You chose: Underperforming

Your among the majority – the average wellness
program is underperforming. You’re not alone.

Underperformance is easy to spot in a pay for performance model, because likely your invoices will demonstrate ineffectiveness. In a traditional PEPM model it can be a little harder to notice because there truly might be some bright spots of employees who complete the highest levels of your program.

Every company has their own culture and their own way to adopt company-wide initiatives. Unfortunately, most platforms and programs out there today are cookie cutter and ineffective unless you are an enterprise client of 10k plus employees! Finding a partner that will customize a program for you s the only way to drive high engagement and program effectiveness.

Where do you start?

  • Instead of launching a wide net of programming, hone in on your biggest healthcare spends. What are your top 5? Do you have programming to support outcomes there? Also, is your platform fun and easy to use?
  • Create a brand. Brand recognition is of highest importance. Your employees are consumers, you have to market programming to them like anything else?
  • Don’t fragment. Find a partner who can connect all the dots and most important reward employees for taking the effort to make behavior change. Spoiler alert – premium differentials are probably why your programs are not performing well if that’s all you are willing to provide.
  • Ask your employees – what are their concerns? What motivates them?
GoPivot’s Performance Guarantee is ENGAGEMENT. It’s 100% Pay for Performance.

A recent study by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association published that 40% of employers want to stay current on trends of disruptive wellness technologies. Want to learn how GoPivot can help?

Compete our 5 minute Wellness Needs Assessment to receive a FREE, sample program for your organization. Each sample program is customized and will be deliverd within 2-Business Days for your review.