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Healthcare Giant Finds Cure
For Its Own Wellness Problem

Picture this … you’re the regional arm of a national healthcare provider with a reputation for quality care dating back to World War II. Your 2,300 employees work hard every day to serve 20 medical centers in communities all over your state.

But, when it comes to keeping your own employees healthy, you lack a unified approach. Your internal wellness program is actually “programs” – fragmented across multiple initiatives, stakeholders, and platforms.

So, you turn to GoPivot. We bring everything under one roof, taking complex administration off your plate while giving your employees more rewards to choose from. We help you determine the most important wellness initiatives and use points to drive those behaviors. You stop paying for multiple platforms and uncertain engagement. Instead, you only pay for results.

Now, with a renewed focus, you see a 260% increase in employee mammograms and a 136% increase in colonoscopies. You’re staying true to your stated commitment to preventative healthcare, and your people are living healthier lives because of it. All because you decided to give everyone a reason to change.

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