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GoPivot vs. Welltok

Welltok is a well-known name in the world of medical practice management software. The program meets the needs for a variety of businesses, but there are also times when a Welltok alternative may be a better fit.

Today’s enterprises need a management system that’s ideal for their practice. Consider the benefits of alternative corporate wellness solutions like ours. At GoPivot, we offer points-based rewards that will motivate all of your employees. Not only that, the system helps reduce incidents related to OSHA compliance, while improving the overall health and wellness of your staff.

Incentives Help Employees Modify Their Behavior

Our program answers the famous “what’s in it for me?” question that all employees have. It’s never easy to change behavior, but with the proper incentives in place, it’s possible. As a Welltok competitor, we take a solutions-based approach that our customers find rewarding.

Any company that institutes a wellness program needs to determine if the return justifies the expense. We’re confident that our platform gives people a reason to make better choices, which has a direct impact on the bottom line. Rewards are a powerful incentive to help people make the proper choices daily. That’s a quick way to help employees form new, healthy habits.

An employee incentive program can give your company an edge. With enough savings from the plan and an increase in worker productivity, you might wonder why you waited so long to start.

Discover the Benefits of a Customized Wellness Program

We can help any company define a path for successfully creating a wellness program that makes sense.

Precisely defined objectives help get new customers off to a fast start. Decide on which goal or goals are most essential for your organization:

  • Do you want to enroll your employees in a comprehensive wellness journey?
  • Do you desire OSHA incident reductions?
  • Would you prefer biometric screening?

You’re never alone during the process. We’ll design an optimized program that delivers the results you want most. Companies that value their employees and are willing to manage a system will find our platform is unparalleled. Every possible feature you need to make management a snap is at your fingertips.

We Help Optimize Your Efforts

Get off to a quick start when one of our program managers creates a customized program guide for your employees. That will get them up and running fast by registering them while providing the requisite training for both users and administrators.

What makes us stand out from competitors is that we stay with you every step of the way. We’ll help monitor your program to make the kinds of changes that improve return on investment.

Some companies shy away from wellness programs because of the cost. However, a strong argument shows that investment is almost always beneficial. We’d love to run some numbers for you to show you the potential. Areas like increasing productivity and decreasing OSHA incidents will always be profit centers with a well-managed system in place. Our platform allows the kind of granular control that allows us to dial in the best settings for an ideal launch and daily maintenance.

Schedule a free demo to learn more about our comprehensive wellness programs. Employees are any company’s most valuable assets. Our platform helps unleash the latent potential in your workforce. That’s a win-win solution for the employees and management. If you’re interested in learning more about the features and how the software works, a demo is the best way to move forward. That will help you discover for yourself why we’re so proud of our industry-leading solution.

Alternatives like Welltok may be suitable for many businesses.

However, we’re confident our unique differences make us the logical choice for companies that are serious about wellness. Our platform combines state of the art programming with a cloud-based backend for easy management.

One way where GoPivot veers ahead of competitors is with our unique point system. It bundles desirable rewards with a gamified system that will help engage employees at a high rate. Crush your objectives with a program that motivates workers to their highest levels of productivity.

We’re Not Here to Waste Money

Engagement is what makes us stand out most from alternatives like Welltok. We know that a rewards program is meaningless if the majority of employees won’t participate. We work hard to ensure they love the program and will want to stay active to get the rewards. A well-run system keeps employees engaged at a high rate, which helps reduce costs quickly.

Pivot Points will appeal to your employee’s healthy levels of self-interest. Since they can redeem these points for real-world items they want, they’ll be inclined to participate in your program. Appealing to human nature works and workers wish to any benefit they can get. Pivot Points are the item that makes us stand out from our competitors most. Learn more about how these rewards can help cost-effectively incentivize employees.

Forget the Rewards with No Purpose

Face it: Nobody wants external rewards with no real-world applications. It’s not enough to reward them with image files or something with no monetary value. Instead, give them a rewards system that will keep them coming back for more. That’s how to keep your entire workforce engaged so that the wellness program is a smashing success. Ultimately, any wellness program will be as good as the rewards and engagement. Discover why GoPivot is different from Welltok by speaking with a representative. Our passion is helping companies reap the benefits of a management platform. It’s time to structure a winning system that beats your expectations across all metrics.