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GoPivot vs. VirginPulse

Founded in 2004, VirginPulse has assisted customers by providing research and knowledge on workforce topics pertaining to health, employee engagement, and wellbeing. VirginPulse is currently a top global well-being solution provider, with employee success experts in 190 countries and supporting 7.5 million members worldwide.

VirginPulse offers management programs and corporate wellness solutions. The Global Wellbeing Alliance, for instance, is the newest endeavor of VirginPulse to collaborate with other research firms in a regional meet up to conduct research projects, case studies, webinars and more to better employees. Regularly, employers have the privilege to fill out forms for employee demos to invest in an employee wellbeing platform.

VirginPulse is not alone in the corporate wellness solutions arena, however. If you’re looking for a VirginPulse alternative that also has its own strengths and a proven track record of results, we invite you to check out GoPivot.

GoPivot: Company Background

Two separate firms came together in 2017 to create GoPivot. In 2002, three individuals found a way to reduce workplace incidents using psychology, and another individual who specialized in fitness planned to introduce health plans to coworkers. The conception of GoPivot came years later and thus it came into fruition.

GoPivot, in comparison to Virgin Pulse, seems to take a natural or meditative approach to aid and assist employees. It puts the emphasis on the individual. Compared to other employee incentive management programs and corporate wellness initiatives, GoPivot strongly emphasizes the importance of health and wellness by mentioning personalized wellness programs, exercise playlists, nutrition plans, fitness scores, and fitness plans.

The GoPivot team includes fitness and safety enthusiasts and even psychology experts who aim to help give employees a positive outlook on their work and a better overall sense of well-being. That can raise morale, which in turn helps employees to be more productive in the work environment.

Driving Change, One Employee at a Time

GoPivot makes a clear statement and expresses the exact ways to improve the workspace. In order to reduce the number of work incidents, employees must be motivated to change. Motivation and encouragement, which they offer, is what helps struggling employees. Their process is to remind workers why they are there and recognize the job they’ve come to complete, encourage them to perform at their best, and remind them that it is a team effort.

The Difference in the GoPivot Approach

In comparison to other corporations like VirginPulse that take a much more corporate approach to getting employees on track, GoPivot takes a much more personal approach — recognizing that it is in fact the person that employers need to get in contact with to have a better work environment, not just the worker.

In a broader sense, VirginPulse focuses on ways to help the employee improve their performance and maximize their productivity. GoPivot, on the other hand, aims to support the employee’s physical and mental wellness at work or home, which can lead to better performance in the workplace.

At GoPivot, our customer service representatives are happy to schedule a demo for you as well as to tell you how our corporate wellness solutions can benefit your bottom line. However, we make it clear that the improvement comes through making positive changes in employees’ lives and wellness. Our management programs can help you and your staff make deep, lasting changes for everyone’s good. Contact us today!