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GoPivot Launches New Alert Feature and Resource Portal in Response to COVID-19

New features and resources encourage engagement and wellness for employers transitioning to remote work.

GoPivot, the premier remote workforce wellness and engagement platform, today announced that they have launched a new mobile alert functionality and COVID-19 remote work resource portal. The new portal and feature enables employers to engage with their workforce by increasing wellness program adoption, driving employee engagement, and promoting overall employee wellness.

“Our number one priority is the wellness and safety of our employees, clients, and communities during this unprecedented time,” said Don Doster, CEO of GoPivot. “Our teams are experts in engagement, communication, and wellness. The current crisis is a moment where we can utilize our expertise and technology to lend a hand.”

The new ‘push-through’ or ‘nudge’ notification feature allows employers to further utilize GoPivot as a tool to encourage engagement and communication in a time when many employees are in a new, remote work setting. It can also be leveraged as additional communication tool for employers to share vital, time-sensitive information with their workforce.

“The current climate is unique: we’re all learning and experiencing this together,” continued Doster. “GoPivot has always offered full-service program management, and recently we’re finding our teams have gotten even closer with our clients. The new resources and alert functionality are our way of meeting their needs in this trying time.”

The new, COVID-19 Resource Portal includes resources and pointers that employers and their workforce can use to stay well in the new, work from home paradigm including nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness content. The GoPivot team is also hosting a live webinar series and guided meditation sessions for clients and followers on their social media channels.


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