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Is HUMANA GO365® leaving you? Welcome to GoPivot!

If you’re a current Go365® by Humana user, you may have been disappointed to hear that the wellness and rewards programs are ending for Employer Group Commercial Medical plan members. Don’t panic! There’s a new and exciting platform that promises improved engagement and a seamless transition.

Introducing GoPivot™, a mobile-first, points-based rewards platform designed to motivate, recognize, and engage employees. At GoPivot™, we offer effective strategies that eliminate pointless rewards, misfit solutions, and wasted dollars. Our approach to workplace wellness and safety is backed by proven results and effective methods.


Saying Goodbye to Humana Go365: Welcome to GoPivot

So why choose GoPivot over other wellness and safety programs?
This is what sets us apart from our competitors

No Wasted Dollars, No PEPM

Stop paying for employees who don’t engage. With our model, if your employees don’t change, you don’t get charged.


We use proven behavioral techniques such as the Hook Methodology: a key strategy to engage participants quickly and maintain that engagement.


No competitor even comes close! Average total engagement with GoPivot is over double that of the industry standard.

Total Rewards

We are a one-stop-shop platform – wellness, safety, service awards, recognition, peer to peer, and much more!

Best-In-Class Incentives

Our YourChoice Rewards Mall has an extensive offering of gift cards, tickets, and travel. There is something for everyone.


Our platform is completely customizable. We can personalize a program that ensures your employees are engaged and your goals are met.

Inclusive Assets

We have an expansive library of health and wellness content, including our exclusive new Emotional Wellbeing Assessment: SMILE™


Our world-class Program Managers and Customer Support team are committed to you and ensuring the success of your program.


Our FitWarrior wellness participants lose an average of 25 pounds. Our safety clients reduce OSHA incidents by 40–60%.

At GoPivot™, we believe that everyone deserves a reason to change. Join us and give your employees the motivation and recognition they need to improve their health and wellness, reduce safety incidents, and drive new initiatives.


We’re excited to help you achieve measurable results and create a happier, healthier workplace.