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Discover Why GoPivot Is an Ideal Alternative to Limeade

Limeade is a well-known employee experience company that offers a robust suite of tools for the workplace.

Their offering, Limeade One, provides company-wide access to an integrated platform. Among the features are engagement, employee wellbeing, inclusion, and a team communications solution.

Consider Choosing Superior Limeade Alternatives

Modern companies require management systems that offer solutions that will fix their unique problems. GoPivot, a leading alternative to Limeade, has several distinctive features that move us to the front of the line. At GoPivot, we understand the need for continued motivation to make any wellness solution a long-term success. Motivated employees stick with the program long enough to see measurable results, which improves their health and wellness and gives them incentive to go further, while also reducing OSHA-related incidents.

GoPivot has many of the same features as Limeade, but the offering differentiates in the area of the rewards program. GoPivot has a flexible points-based reward system that takes a direct approach to incentivize employees.

The Right Incentives Work

Employees are excellent assets for any business, but they’re people, and they use self-interest to guide their decisions. If they don’t quickly see a direct benefit from a wellness program, they won’t participate, or they will do so halfheartedly. As a Limeade alternative, we use a solutions-based strategy that is rewarding in every sense of the word. That keeps workers engaged, allowing your enterprise to reap the benefits.

Ultimately, employee experience programs must always justify their costs in terms of a positive ROI. We’re sure that the GoPivot platform providers workers with sound reasons to make the proper choices for their health and wellbeing. That behavior has a direct positive impact on the bottom line, making an effort worthwhile. Rewards are a robust tool that encourages employees to behave positively.

It’s competitive out there in the hiring arena. That’s why starting and maintaining an incentive program make sense. These systems give your company a distinct edge over competitors and are ideal for recruiting talent. Employees want to belong to great organizations that take care of their interests. Engaging them consistently with a rewards-based system is a proven way.

Unleash the Advantages of a Competitive Wellness Program

We’re proud of our ability to help organizations define the optimal paths for creating successful wellness programs that achieve their goals.

Starting with precisely-defined objectives is the best way to get our newest customers off to a flying start. The first thing for you to do is decide on which measurable goals are vital for the long-term success of your enterprise.

Ask yourself a few pertinent questions:

  • Do you think that biometric screening is a preferred method?
  • Are you committed to enrolling your employees in a comprehensive and sustainable wellness journey?
  • Do you need an edge over rivals when you’re competing for the same talent?

Once you settle on the objectives that are of utmost importance to your company, configuring the perfect program is straightforward.

Don’t fret if you’re unsure which step to take next. We’ll be with you on your journey every step of the way, helping to design and optimize your program. As long as you have defined goals, our team will help you create your plan.

You’re going to love our platform and how easy it is to use for making and maintaining employee programs. Your dedicated employees deserve to know how much you care for them, and a professional wellness platform reaffirms that commitment daily.

Consider White Labeling for Your Organization

GoPivot offers extensive customization, including total white labeling of the program. As an alternative to Limeade, GoPivot understands that some of our customers want to take branding and personalization to the next level.

Our team can even help you integrate your branding elements if this is a brand new program. White labeling also offers qualified partners a chance to earn revenue. Your employees will enjoy the custom-branded mobile app, which makes their participation simple. Are you ready to experience the leading solution for employee experiences? Now is the absolute best time to schedule a demo.

We Know You Need a Custom Solution

We understand that we can’t possibly offer a “one size fits all” solution for today’s complex organizations. We offer personalized employee wellness programs for the healthcare, construction, HR management, and transportation and logistics industries. Request a demo now to learn more about our industry-leading solutions. Nothing helps you discover if a new system is a good fit quite like exploring it thoroughly. We’re sure you’ll love what you see.

Our Programs Are All About Creating Lasting Change

Corporate wellness solutions don’t mean much if people don’t use them or if they refuse to change their behaviors. Our emphasis is on motivating and incentivizing behavioral changes so that they are lasting and profound.

It’s never too late to craft a compelling employee experience program. The benefits far outweigh the costs, especially when your workers get involved and stick with the system. So if you’re looking into the best alternative to Limeade, we hope you’ll give GoPivot a try!