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Logging Company Chops OSHA Incidents
Down From Over 60 To Less Than 5

Picture this … you’ve been in the forestry business for more than a hundred years. Over the past century, you’ve grown into a diverse manufacturing enterprise that spans multiple industries, with more than 500 employees on your 150-acre facility.

But, a sawmill is a dangerous place, and accidents at your workplace have been on the rise. You’ve tried safety lunches and recognition awards to promote safe practices, but you’re still seeing more than 60 OSHA-recordable incidents per year. You’re concerned about the safety of your employees – not to mention the costs that keep adding up with each new incident.

So, you turn to GoPivot. We incentivize your employees to follow safety procedures such as lockout-tagout by earning points they can spend at our rewards mall – on everything from sports tickets to TVs. The prizes never get old, because there are always new ways to earn and spend points.

In the first year alone, you see OSHA-recordable incidents drop by 64%.

After 9 years, you’re down to fewer than five incidents per year. Unlike spike-and-dip programs, this one gets more successful as time goes on. All because you decided to give everyone a reason to change.

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