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HR Company Sees Big Benefits In
New Approach To Wellness

Picture this … you’re a multi-billion-dollar company providing HR services. Over the past 30 years, you’ve built a thriving culture of more than 3,000 employees managing billions of dollars in payroll each year for thousands of clients.

But, the provider of your employee wellness program isn’t keeping up with your company growth. Their technology only syncs with one type of device. And, due to a glitch in their system, their communications only reach half of your people. You start looking at other, larger providers, but they only seem to offer one-size-fits-all programs.

So, you turn to GoPivot. You discover a flexible platform that lets you choose rewards that align with your culture and do more to drive healthy behavior. Its integrations work with any device. The consultative approach gives you more attention. And you only get billed when employees actually use the program (not when they merely log in).

In less than a year, you see an unprecedented 50% active participation

from your employees. With a points-based rewards model, you can look forward to engagement going up, not down. And all this becomes even more important as you move to self-insurance. That’s what it looks like to give everyone a reason to change.

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