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Designing a fast way forward in Chronic Condition-Based Wellness
Let GoPivot help you see a return on your employee wellness program with this FREE eBook. Find a deep-dive analysis on the most common and costly chronic conditions that pose the greatest threats on health, life, and employer health/wellness budgets. Plus, discover ways to reap wellness benefits – including increased worker productivity, enhanced talent acquisition and retention strategies, and significant savings in health-and-efficiency-related costs.


There are 160 million working Americans who average 63 hours of work a week. It’s estimated that 70% of all U.S. adults have been diagnosed with some form of chronic disease. What you may not know is that most instances of chronic disease, condition-related medical costs, and low-life satisfaction are completely preventable…or about 90% preventable. That adds up to nearly 1 million lives and $2 trillion in medical dollars every year.

Download the eBook to read more about the impact of healthcare costs and learn ways to implement targeted strategies for change at your organization.