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7 Strategies to Motivate your High-Risk Employees, Triathletes, and Everyone in Between

You want your employees to be safer and healthier, but finding a way to motivate your entire workforce is no easy task. Sure, the steps challenge you ran back in the fall was moderately successful, but a lot of your people didn’t participate because they already had the Fitbit reward you were offering. The ones who hate running opted to bike for exercise instead. And a few employees had injuries or disabilities that kept them from being able to take part, even though they wanted to. How can you give everyone a reason to change, when the only available options are one-size-fits-few?

In order to motivate a diverse employee population, incentive programs and vendors need to eliminate misfit solutions. Because real change only happens when you’ve got a program that’s flexible enough to fit every individual employee and any organizational goal.

We at GoPivot have put an end to misfit solutions by offering 7 strategies to motivate your employees:

  1. Personalize wellness solutions with exercise and nutrition content unique to each individual – from the most at-risk to the already fit.
  2. Use one program to drive a variety of initiatives – from exercise and safety to financial health, sales challenges, and more.
  3. Adapt your solution as you go with consultative support to address changing organizational needs and objectives.
  4. Tailor the items available in your rewards mall to better align with your initiatives and culture.
  5. Custom white labeling allows you to brand the platform as your own with your logo and colors.
  6. Target priority activities by attaching more points to the behaviors that have the greatest impact on your organization.
  7. Go beyond weight loss goals that only apply to some employees. Empower everyone to achieve their own individual measure of fitness, based on gender and age, with our patented FitIn™ score.

With a program flexible enough to fit each employee and any organizational goal, GoPivot means you can eliminate misfit solutions and give everyone a reason to change. To learn more or see a demo, contact us.

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