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6 Ways to Engage with Employees During the Holidays 
1: Recognize your employees with points for a job well done this year!  

Almost nothing says “good work” like a tangible reward for your achievements.  Points can be spent just like cash for anything your employees might be needing this holiday season.   

2: Send eCards as a personal touch!

eCards are just like physical greeting cards and allow you to personalize a message to each employee.  Let them know how much the company valued their commitment this yearsend congratulations, or simply wish them a safe and healthy holiday, with the click of a button.   

3: Encourage holiday self-care!   

Create activities for employees to encourage wellness and self-care over the holidays.  Activities might include creating a budget for the new year, getting 8 hours of sleep nightly, or trying a healthy recipe.  Visit our 12 Days of Self-Care planner or our 8 Dimensions of Self-Care eBook for more ideas.   

4: Promote a Holiday Movement Challenge! 

Get your employees up and moving with a little healthy competition.  Pro tip: people are more likely to participate and be engaged if there is a reward on the line and a way to connect with other participants for some smack chat.   

5: Motivate employees to give back!   

There are hundreds of ways employees can give back to their communities this season.  Encourage employees to join efforts and show support to a cause dear to them – you can create an activity around it or offer rewards to those who donate their time.     

6: Tailor a care package!   

For those employees that have gone the extra mile, show your appreciation by sending a care package designed with that person in mind