Remote Corporate Wellness and Engagement Solution

GoPivot is the go-to remote workforce wellness and engagement platform. We offer a personalized, incentivized solution for your employees. Unite your global workforce by increasing program adoption, driving employee engagement, and promoting overall employee wellness.


Address and mitigate the risks and costs associated with:

High Disease Prevalence

Sedentary Lifestyle

Unhealthy Eating Habits

Low Engagement
Achieve Wellness and Business Goals
Increase Remote Employee Engagement in Wellness Programs

GoPivot’s outcomes-based methodology delivers meaningful employee
engagement by aligning points with realistic and achievable goals.


Reward Employees

Take aim at the most costly health risk areas for employees with GoPivot’s pay-for-performance programs.


Customized Programs

Offer personalized solutions for your high-risk employees, your triathletes, and everyone in between.



Only pay for positive results. If you don’t see results or your people don’t change, you don’t get charged.

Workplace Wellness Features
Improve Employee Wellbeing and Morale
Personalized Wellness
Shift from generic goals to true measures of fitness based on age and gender by utilizing our patented FitIn Score™.
Mobile-First Design
Ensure optimized usability to improve employee engagement, wherever they are.
Allow users to monitor their activity through whichever fitness tracker they use to automatically sync with participant profiles.
Rewards Mall
Let employees choose their own rewards from a comprehensive shop with merchandise, gift cards, travel, and more.
Nutrition + Fitness Coaching
Offer employees a dedicated FitWarrior coach to address and remedy unhealthy behaviors.
Reward employees on-the-spot while staying OSHA compliant. Employees can receive points using scratch-off cards.
Tangible Rewards Issued
Increased Job Satisfaction
OSHA Incident Reduction
Motivate Your Employees
Drive Real Employee Engagement

By encouraging corporate wellness with GoPivot, you’ll see stronger retention rates, increased job satisfaction, lower stress levels, and unmatched productivity and efficiency.