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Our unique approach to wellness and safety combined with a best-in-class platform empowers
GoPivot partners to provide the best outcomes for clients. We’re your trusted differentiator in the marketplace.

I’m a _________ and want to learn more about working with GoPivot.
  • Provide your clients with the tools to be successful and create change
  • Protect your clients against a poor fitting wellness program
  • Expand the programing/service you are able to provide and prove out ROI
  • Improve your ability to retain current clients and find new ones!
  • Common mission to reduce healthcare costs through customization, creativity, and choice
  • Our business model goes against the industry grain in that it reduces/combats waste not make worse
  • Speed up the timeline to see results for those switching to self-funding option
  • Smooth the transition to Self-Funding for both Employees and Plan Sponsors
  • Decrease costs for your health plan
  • Increase client retention rates
  • Increase membership
  • Drive utilization of Health Plan provided services
Our system is highly configurable and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our programming. We are always open to learning more about different technologies and how we can work together to provide value and move the industry forward. Reach out to start a conversation.
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Caden Romeo
Director of Channel Sales


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